After many years as an employment lawyer and partner in a large central London solicitor's practice, I left in 1999, to start my own specialist employment solicitor's practice.

Without the overheads and large non-fee earning "tail" of a large firm I can offer my services at a sensible rate and often on a fixed fee basis.

Though a "Haslemere, Solicitor" I find most client contact is by telephone and email, so my client base is geographically widespread

As an employment solicitor my Client base is divided 50/50 between companies and private individual and that work is again divided 50/50 between employment tribunal claims for unfair dismissal or discrimination issues, where I do the entire advocacy and contract and related issues.

I advise on all stages of the employment relationship from the engagement, disputes during employment through to compromise agreements on termination for redundancy or otherwise.

I have never forgotten a remark made to me many years ago by a tribunal member, after the case was over, He said words to the effect "I am glad you did not bully the claimant" I replied "There was no point it was just an unfortunate situation." Throughout my tribunal work I have always tried to be objective practical and factual and to keep emotion out of cases.

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  fixed fees - weekend work - personal attention
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